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Become a Zea shareholder! Equity Crowdfunding FAQ’s

Hayden Brass | 07 April

**Zea's Equity Crowdfunding Campaign has now closed.**

We’re so excited to have finally announced our very first Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. 

After 5 years of continuous growth and investment into developing, producing and supplying the world’s first commercial range of Kunzea based products, we’re now on a mission to share this special Australian native with the world in an even bigger way. 

It is our vision to improve the quality of life of 10 million people by 2030 and to help us get there, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to come on board as a co-owner and a shareholder. 

As a community driven business, giving our dedicated and loyal customers the opportunity to invest in the business made the most sense to our brand, ethos and values.

So we are working with Birchal to facilitate this exciting new offering. 

We’re sure you have lots of questions about how it works and what the process involves, so we’ve summarised the most common FAQ’s below for you. Zea Team

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding is a process that involves you purchasing and receiving shares of a business, becoming a part-owner and shareholder. 

It provides the opportunity for our community to become more involved in a brand they love.

    What is Birchal's involvement?

    Birchal is a crowd-sourced funding intermediary, licensed in Australia by ASIC, and authorised to host offers under the Corporations Act.

    We are using their trusted platform and services to help us offer our community this incredible opportunity to become a co-owner of the business.

    What's the EOI (Express of Interest)?

    This is a non-binding indication where you can indicate that you would like to invest in Zea on the Birchal platform. 

    Once you have signed up to the EOI, you will get more information on Zea, the people behind it and regular updates on both the business and EOI progress. 

    The EOI stage for Zea will go from the 5th - 2nd May 2022. 

    Once it is closed, people on the EOI list will get exclusive first access to become a Zea shareholder before shares are officially 'released' to the public.

    You can register your interest here.

    What type of investor am I?

    There are two types of investors, a Retail Investor or a Wholesale/Sophisticated Investor.

    A Retail Investor is anyone over the age of 18, who can invest up to $10,000 AUD in an offer within a 12 month period. In exchange, you'll receive securities in that company in the form of shares.

    A wholesale Investor is someone who is eligible to invest more than $10,000 AUD in a company through CSF.

    When can I purchase shares?

    The Share Offer will begin on the 3rd May 2022. This is when you can officially purchase shares in Zea.

    How much do I need to invest?

    You can become a part-owner of Zea for as little as $250!

    How can I invest as a Company or through a SMSF?

    Investing in Zea as a company or through a SMSF is easy, it just requires a few extra steps. 

    If you’re investing as a company, ensure you've ticked to invest as a company, and not an individual in the Ownership tab, then complete all details as required.

    It is technically possible for a trustee of a self managed super fund (SMSF) to invest in CSF offers through the Birchal platform. Birchal has provided a step by step process on how this can be done here.

    Where does my money go?

    During the Offer Campaign, Birchal holds all investor funds in a trust account until our capital raise is successful and passes the closing date.

    From there, your shares will be issued, and Birchal will transfer the money to us to use in our future business plans which are outlined in the Offer Document.

    How does Return on Investment (ROI) work with equity crowdfunding?

    An Equity Crowdfunding Investment is typically a medium to long-term investment. 

    They are not traded through public exchanges (i.e. ASX) so shares are generally considered to be 'illiquid', however, there are numerous circumstances that may create an opportunity for you to "exit" your investment (i.e. sell your shares) or otherwise receive returns. Such as:

    • a trade sale of the company to another company
    • the company proceeds with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and listing on a registered stock exchange (e.g. the ASX)
    • the company organises a buyback of the shares
    • a private sale of your shares to another person
    • the company pays shareholder dividends.

    The options available to shareholders will be listed in the Offer Document at the time of investment.

    Where can I find the General Risk Warning? 

    Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing. 

    The full offer document will be available just prior to the offer campaign


    Have more questions?

    Watch the replay of our live Q&A with Hayden (Zea Founder) and Claire (Account Manager at Birchal) here.

    For any other questions, you can check out Birchal’s Investors resources here [ contact our friendly customer service team here.