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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Bloom
Dianne Huber (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great Product

I love my new diffuser, easy to use, not complicated and no condensation. This is truly a remarkable product and well worth the money. Telling my son about it and hoping he will invest in one too.

Lifestyle Essentials Trio Kit
Malou (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Love these products

I have been using the Kunzea cream & massage oil for many months now & the best I have ever used. Have helped me with my arthritis & joints pains. I have even bought & given some for my family & friends for them to try because I’m so confident with its effectiveness. And they all gave me a positive response.
I’m so happy I have discovered this product.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Triple Pack)
Leonie Fletcher (East Malvern, VIC, AU)
Great product

I have been using the Kunzea Cream for over a year works for me! I rub it in every morning and night to the aching bits...knee and lower back with good relief. It is a staple in my bathroom.

Kunzea Bath Salts (800g)
Kate Shepley (Yorketown, SA, AU)
Kunzea Bath Salts

Very soothing, relaxing way to spend sometime in a nice bath, with kunzea bath salts. Glad I spent the investment!!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Alexandra Kennedy (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Beautiful relaxing oil

This sweet orange oil has a beautiful relaxing scent that makes my whole house smell delightful when I put it into my diffuser.
Very happy with all the oils so far that I have received from Zea Relief, they are very good quality & are very affordable not like some other companies that I have tried in the past that are very expensive.
Would definitely recommend these oils & all the Zea Relief products!
This is a great caring company that is very helpful with very good service.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Judy Brown (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
The wow factor

I get orders for my friends who tell their friends and then i have to put in another order. Kunzea cream is helping manage the pain for family friends and friends of friends. Excellent product

Calming Lifestyle Blend
Cynthia (Melbourne, VIC, AU)

I look forward every night to turning on my diffuser to let the beautiful blend of calming essential oil calm my mind, bring a sense of relaxation and peace to my stressed bod and let me sleep deeper. Highly recommend it for people working/dealing with stress or have stressed bods from ongoing health issues.

Kunzea Cream - Bulk Size (500mL)
Joan McColl (Mortdale, NSW, AU)
Brilliant Product

Used this cream on my knee and it’s reduced the pain by about 85%, it’s given me freedom to move around and have quality of life, thank you 😊

Kunzea Cream - Bulk Size (500mL)
Karen Atherton (Sydney, NSW, AU)

I first purchased the 100grm tube to see if it lived up to the reviews.
We were very impressed with the results and relief so I decided to order the bulk size and have we’ve been using it for several weeks …..
Game changer !!!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Wendy Rathbone (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Kunzea cream

I really like this cream. It's given me some relief with my neck pain. I'm suffering from whiplash in my neck at the moment and has taken the edge off the pain and given me some relief. I'll definitely be purchasing some more of this product. Thank you to the Zea Relief Team.

Kunzea Multi-Use Balm (50mL)
Lesley Norman (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Love these oroducts

I use
These daily & am very pleased with the relief I get

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Kylie Margetts (Sydney, NSW, AU)

I was introduced to the Kunzea pain relief cream during a recent ultra event. Part way through my 100km I was starting to get sore and stiffen up and a friend pulled out this cream which was AMAZING!!! Truly kept me going and I ordered more straight after and won’t go without it again. Thankyou I highly recommend it.

Concentrated Combo
Maggi Militar (Perth, WA, AU)
Believer of Zea

It's been 5 years since using the Zea product! A great believer in this combo! what's great about this wonderful amazing oil combo is it's effective, a product of Australia and run by an Aussie family, Love it, it helped a lot with my aching legs from long-standing from work, aches and pains on my joints, elbow gone by the next day and the most wonderful scent of this oil combo helps me to have a good night sleep

Compare the Creams
Catherine Arthur (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Kunzea Cream

Helps me with the pain I have in my knees. I also like the face and hand cream. My hands are so dry in the winter months it helps keep my hands soft and nourished.

Kunzea Cream - Bulk Size (500mL)
Gail Reid (Perth, WA, AU)


Tassie Essentials Trio
Debra Osborne (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Essential Oils … oh so Natural

I run a room atomiser every day in my open living area, and the lovely natural fragrances from ZEA are just delightful. We’ve noticed the subtle fragrance and freshness of Zea Oils, and often people comment on a lovely smell when visiting our home. The thing is, that where my husband was often outspoken about some fragrances I’d tried in the past, and sometimes I agreed with him, there is now a notable silence there which suggests an endorsement of the natural scents.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Triple Pack)
Marianne Jones (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Instant relief

Amazing product!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Kym Vella (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Instant relief!

A friend recommended the products as I had been struggling with tennis elbow pain. Ordered and had it within days and amazingly had instant relief after a few applications. I love the smell and texture, easy to apply without being oily. Would definitely recommend to others!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Janice Jenkins (Springvale, VIC, AU)
100% Recommended

Have tried many products over the years ,But this is the first cream that hasn't react badly with my very sensitive skin
It works wonders for my constant pain. for arthritis, Spondylosis, and adhesions from back surgery... Thanks for a great product ..
i will absolutely be purchasing Kunzea cream again

Kunzea Cream - Bulk Size (500mL)
Melita (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Surprisingly - I think it is working

Every evening before I call it quits, I have been rubbing Zea onto my knees and feet. The pain in my knees has definately improved and the feet and hands seem to be working better in the mornings.
I have rhumatoid arthritis in the hands and feet and have had a couple of surgerys on my knees….

Kunzea Cream - Bulk Size (500mL)
Debbie (Sunbury, VIC, AU)
Post breast cancer care

Purchased Kunzea as I was suffering the side affects of taking an aromatase inhibitor that ceased the formation of estrogens. This drug is prescribed after hormone positive breast cancer treatments of surgery chemotherapy and radiation have ceased.
It can cause debilitating pain to joints. In my case it was knees ankles and knuckles.
I purchased a tube and after a week the pain in my knees had diminished and in my ankles and hands it had reduces by 70 percent. Life changing!!!!
I have since purchased the big pump bottle. Kunzea has been instrumental in keeping me on this drug that could save my life.
I have passed this products name to my oncologist as he was very interested.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Amanda H (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
This product actually works!!

I was very sceptical when I purchased this product but was willing to try anything to relieve my constant back pain. OMG.. it actually works!! Definitely recommend to anyone suffering pain as it really does take the edge off!!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
Natalie Dimasi (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Joint soreness

This cream has helped relieved joint soreness in my hands and my knees . Very Happy

Complete Kunzea Natural Relief Pack
Kerry Stray (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pain Relief

Recently had a knee replacement use the cream on leg muscles to help relieve the pain up walking in 3 days. Products a bit pricey but well worth it. Glad to see the Zea cream now available in a larger size that’s my next order.
Thanks Zea team great products.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g)
robyn lewis (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Best of the best.

I am so pleased with my purchase. The KUNZEA CREAM worked very well to my sore hip. I’m planning to buy another one.