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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about someย of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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Manuka Bioactive Honey [MGO 200+]
Maryann Mintoff (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Beautiful and sweet

I love the Manuka honey. It is sweet and a little like toffee. It soothes the throat.
I like to have a little in my tea at night.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Dianne Griffith (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Roll on

I love this product and the cream I have had back pain for a lot of years this product is the best thank you .

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
Kerry Palmer (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pain relief

Thank you iv nearly finished my 1st tube & its been fantastic, its helped my muscles,
arthritis pain, iv used many different creams & I can honestly say this one works, going to order another,

Fragonia Essential Oil
Dean Adams (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pure Essence another Quality Product From Zea

I buy a lot of essential oils I have tried other brands from all over the world but Zea's oils are by far the best I have purchased their oils for both my own customers and family due to the quality and service from this ethical Natural family business.

Heaven Scent Lifestyle Blend
Alex Hickey (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Perfect name, this scent is heavenly!

I am in love with my Heaven Scent Pure Essential Oil. Having this in my diffuser makes me feel like I am in luxurious, relaxing sanctuary. Thank you Zea for such a gorgeous product!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream

I recieved my order punctually. I find the cream easy to rub in. Smells nice and does what it says. Helps my hip/back pain.
I have no hesitation in recommending this cream.

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aroma Fern
Terry Padgett (Mitcham, VIC, AU)
Love love love!

I purchased this gorgeous diffuser for my living area and the Nirvana oil is amazing! The deep oils in the blend really make me feel good, very chilled & I also purchased the relaxing oil blend too!!

Original Kunzea Cream
Suzanne Hendry (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Zea Relief

I have been blown away! I have had a huge operation in June on my foot and still not walking on two feet. I have so many screws in my foot and it has been very painful however, I have just tried Zea Relief and rubbed on all entry points of screws and I promise the pain just went away! It's magic.
Thank you so much for this amazing product!

Kunzea Honey
Dianne Rawkins (Park Ridge, QLD, AU)
Kunzea Honey

Love this honey which has a very descent flavour. Wonderful on porridge and toast. Gifted a jar to a fussy honey lover and he gave it the thumbs up. I will definitely be ordering more.

Kunzea Honey
Lorraine Martin (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Kunzea Honey

Received my honey.
OMG...... It's delicious
deep and complex, ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

Island Blend Honey
Doris Borg (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Love this honey I like it cause itโ€™s got that bitter flavour & not to sweet I put it on my breakfast, I got both products & Iโ€™m going to put the honey in a Christmas stocking for my family

Kunzea Honey
Alfred Zogbi (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Honey Honey

Recieved our honey and both my wife and myself were very happy with the taste,flavour and texture in one word to describe SUBLIME. Would definitely recommend and order again.

Kunzea Honey
Meme Thorne (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Heavenly Honey

I recently bought 3 jars of Kunzea honey. Instantly I became a member of another family! Not only did I receive heavenly honey but I now have access to health and wellbeing advice and yummy recipes. Thankyou Zea

Kunzea Honey
Beth Woolley (Hatfield, NSW, AU)
Nectar from Tasmania

๐Ÿ I have been a Tasmanian honey enthusiast* for over 50 years and your honey certainly brings even more joie de vivre. I bought jars of your single origin honey to give (very lucky) people at Christmas. A sweet end to a no-so-sweet year.
"Two of my favourite things. One old, one new."

Kunzea Honey
Tami Reaby (Doreen, VIC, AU)
Best honey ever

Litterally the most delicious honey I've ever tasted, my daughter and I have it in our herbal tea daily.

Island Blend Honey
Elizabeth Mancell (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Zea , love everything about Zea

The Zea honey is the best honey I have tasted , I have a teaspoon every morning.
The cream has helped my knee discomfort , I apply every night.
The bath salts are relaxing . Happy with all products ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
Dianne Griffith (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Hi guys I purchased my first Kunzea cream I can not thank you enough for this I have back and hip pain for 10years tried everything most products dull the pain for a few hours.but this cream allows me to do so much more without pain for most of the day .I will be purchasing more love this product.

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil
Julie McConnell (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil

Love this product, smells beautiful, massages in well, not overly oily whatsoever, only need a small amount, definitely helps my aching muscles when Iโ€™m having a Fibromyalgia flareโ€ฆ.

Raw Honey Trio [Value Pack]
Lia (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Birthday present for my dad

My dad is super hard to buy for but he is a foodie. I thought I would be on a winner when I found this honey pack as it was something he had never tried.
It was packaged brilliant too.

He loves all three. The Kunzea honey was a huge hit as he was so impressed I could find something he had never tried and that it was so delicious.

Definitely worth every penny and if you have a foodie in your life you will score major Brownie points with this honey.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
Alexandra Kennedy (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Best cream ever

I have used all the kunzia products and they are great!!
I got the new & improved kunzea pain relief cream & like it much better. Itโ€™s has some extra ingredients & smells a lot nicer & not as strong as the previous one.
Itโ€™s great for a sore neck & shoulder as well as arthritis.
My husband has been using it for his back pain & loves it too, so now I have to buy more as I run out quicker ๐Ÿ˜‚
Thanks again Zea Relief for a wonderful product, thoroughly recommend it to everyone to give it a try.

Breathe Easy Lifestyle Blend
Bill Cork (Perth, WA, AU)
Breath so easy

Breathe easy should be sleep easy.its marvellous.i just put a little on a tissue next to my pillow and The aroma of zea breathe easy oil is great i can sleep really well all night long ,no kidding itโ€™s really good it does what you say about it,ten out of ten.๐Ÿ’•

Kunzea Honey
Vikki Hardy (Sydney, NSW, AU)
'Just Divine'

Never satisfied with honey off the shelf at super markets, I decided to try Zea family honey. I can eat it by the spoonfuls, it's divine!
I cut out refined sugar, so this is a delicious treat for me with pine nuts or sunflower seeds made into a bar. Im a huge fan of this honey. Thanks Zea ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฏ

Raw Honey Trio [Value Pack]
Wilhelmina Marks (Launceston, TAS, AU)
Manuka honey.

Fabulous best Iโ€™ve tasted .

Nirvana Lifestyle Blend
Tracey Austin (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Nirvana and Heaven Scent Essential Oils

I have a sensitive olfactory system. A number of odours/scents give me instant headaches, swollen sinuses and difficulty in breathing, which makes it hard when you want your house or room to smell nice. The automatic atomisers, whether sprays or electrical, room deodorisers and so forth give me no end of trouble - once bitten, twice shy as they say. I have to admit, in the past, so have essential oils. Until Zea! I first came across the Zea essential oils in my yoga class. It was like WOW... I am in heaven. Zea essential oils are the ONLY oils I have not reacted to. I have a diffuser in my shop and everyone, even the men, say how nice my shop smells. Thanks Hayden and his team.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Angelique S (Adelaide CBD, SA, AU)
Orange Essential Oil

Like the many other Zea Essential Oils and creams I have purchased, the Orange essential oil is a quality product that I love for its uplifting smell and effectiveness.