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Use of Zea Relief Kunzea products

Michelle Brass | 15 September

If you are reading this, you are most likely new to the Zea Family! We can't wait to hear all about your results and how you find the Zea Relief products (we think you will love them!).

Customers often ask which product we recommend for different ailments. While most of our products are interchangeable, there are particular uses and benefits that we recommend for certain products.

To help, we have written a brief description of the Zea Relief products below and what many of our customers use them. We want you and your loved ones to get the most out of our Zea Relief Products!

Let me take you through each product one by one:

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (100g, 500g) - AUST L 360331

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream is an anti-inflammatory cream that contains natural active ingredients, plus Vitamin E, that quickly absorbs through the skin to the area of pain or discomfort.

Due to the efficient ability of this natural cream to absorb, Kunzea Pain Relief Cream is what we recommend to customers with mild chronic conditions, particularly joint-related. It may help to temporarily relieve mild joint inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.

This beautiful, natural formulation has the dual benefit of also being a very effective full-body "inflammation-fighting" moisturiser. It will help nourish the skin and maintain the body in good condition.

Primary Uses: Arthritis, joint inflammation/swelling, muscular aches

Other Uses: Hand & body moisturiser, acne, sun spots, restless legs, massage

Kunzea Multi-Use Balm (50ml)

Kunzea Balm has a rich consistency that soothes, moisturises and protects your skin. While it may be the product we recommend for inflammatory skin conditions, don't limit yourself there, it is a family favourite because of its versatility. Kunzea Balm can be used for everything from sunspots to insect bites to lip balm - anything you need really, all in the one tub.

Primary uses: muscle pain, dry skin, inflammatory skin conditions (e.g., eczema)

Other uses: Insect bites/stings, tinea, DOMS, nervous tension, sunspots

Kunzea Roll On - 50mL

I have a sneaky suspicion that once you start using the Kunzea Roll On, you will be taking it everywhere you go! It is great when you are on the move and have those niggling discomforts and everyday ailments. The combination of Kunzea and Lemon Myrtle Oil gives the Kunzea Roll On a fresh and uplifting scent that will help soothe both the body and mind.

Primary uses: muscle and lower back discomfort, natural insect repellent, skin irritations

Other uses: natural deodorant, insect bites/stings, headaches/migraines, sunburn, sunspots

Kunzea Essential Oil - 10mL

The signature ingredient in all Zea Relief Products, we love Kunzea Oil! This is highly concentrated and therefore we recommend diluting before use. It has comparable properties and uses to Tea Tree Oil, but offers a more pleasant aroma and is safer when applied topically to the skin. To learn more about Kunzea Oil, we would recommend our blog post "15 Benefits and Uses of Kunzea Oil".

Primary uses: respiratory/sinus complaints, anxiety, fungal infections, pain management

Other uses: foot spa, bath, aroma diffuser, massage oil, room deodoriser, potpourri

I hope these brief descriptions help you and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help!

About the Author - Michelle Brass ND

With over 25 years of experience in the natural health industry, Michelle has dedicated her life to helping others embrace the therapeutic benefits of nature. Throughout her time as a health practitioner, she has used and recommended countless traditional and conventional treatments to her clients - as she believes an integrative approach to health and wellness is very important. Michelle is passionate about using and promoting essential oils and, in particular, Kunzea Oil, as she has seen them help thousands of people over the years. She knows that using essential oils in your daily life can help bring balance to the mind, body and soul. She is constantly trialling and testing new products with her loyal clients.

To learn more about Michelle, go to her full bio page.