Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

At Zea, we are constantly making changes and improvements to the business to ensure we are doing everything we can to be more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly. Here are a few ways we are doing our part for the world we all live in.

100% Recyclable Packaging

All jars, tubes, bottles and pouches used in manufacturing Zea products are 100% recyclable in your local council recycling.

TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box™ <> Zea Recycling Program

For those who don’t have access to local council recycling, or want to do something that is more proactive in closing the loop, you can send all your empties back to us and we can guarantee they are recycled effectively through the TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box™ solutions. Email us to learn more.

1% for the Planet

We are proud to be officially partnered with 1% for the Planet! As a member of "1% for the Planet" we are committed to protecting our only home. 1% for the Planet certifies that 1% of our sales of Zea products each year go to approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support.

Locally Owned & Manufactured

As an Australian family business, all of our Zea products are manufactured here in Australia, and a majority of our ingredients are also locally and sustainably sourced.

Eco-Friendly Packaging & Shipping Solutions

We try and ensure all orders we ship out are plastic-free. While a few may escape through the cracks, and we may use bubble wrap on a rare occasion when order is particularly fragile, they are the exception to the rule. Normally, all orders shipped out with 100% sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

Bulk Size Products

We introduced the Kunzea Cream Bulk Size of our most popular product in 2020. We noticed a lot of customers were purchasing up to 5 or 6 creams at once, so to cut down on packaging, manufacturing and resources, we now offer the convenience of the bulk size pump bottle. We intend on launching more bulk size products in the near future. 

Recycled Promotional Material

We are constantly striving to ensure all our promotional material and leaflets are made from 100% recycled material.

Offset Shipping Emissions

We have partnered with Offset to make sure our shipping emissions are carbon neutral. Every month, we calculate the total emissions generated by our shipped orders, and that number goes towards forest protection initiatives.

Remote Working Team

We have Zea staff work from their homes all up and down the east coast of Australia. By providing them with the equipment they need to work remotely, we are able to cut down on our own personal travel and use of commercial resources. 

Only the beginning...

We are constantly striving to be more eco-friendly and sustainable in every aspect of our business. It is our goal at Zea to be “100% Carton Negative” by 2022.

If you have any suggestions on what else we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, please let us know! We are always looking for new ways for us to improve our business for the better.